For those of you who don’t know, this is my AMAZING United States Marine, ( He was suppose to leave for South Carolina tomorrow…but instead he had to leave today.. i was in my second hour during school today, and he texts me saying, text me as soon as you can.. and i said hey, and he said.. i have to leave today, my leaving date got moved up.. i have a flight at 5:45pm.. and i just broke down crying, i was so shocked, we had this whole day planned out, for being his last “whole day” here.. so after second hour i called my mom and asked if she can pull me out of school (we originally planned for tomorrow, that he would pick me up, and get me out of my 6th hour) she pulled me out at 10:30 and he came and picked me and his brother up from school.. he had a lot of stuff to do, and pack up all of his things.. it was so fucking hard, i don’t think there was a moment i wasn’t crying.. on our way to the airport (about 4pm) he held me in his arms, and wouldn’t take his eyes off me.. i was a mess.. he just kept reminding me of how beautiful i am, and how much he loves me, and how fast time is going to fly by.. when we got to the airport we had to unload all of his bags, and he bought his flight ticket, and we were in a really big hurry, it was about 5:20 and he needed to get on the flight.. so we went over by the corner and he said i’ll save the best goodbye for last, and walked away from me, and said goodbye to his brothers and sister, and his mom.. He then walked over to me, and i just buried my head in his chest, i didn’t wanna let go, i couldn’t, it was so hard..he kissed me a lot of times, and looked into my eyes, and said “i never thought i would be with someone as amazing as you.” and he kissed me one last time, and said “i’m going to miss you so much” and he walked away.. his mom said the flight attendant ladies, and airport people were whipping away tears..  I know time is going to fly by, it did the first time.. it’s just gonna be so hard. Tonight is going to be hell.. i’m going to do the same thing i did last time he left, and keep a notebook, i’m gonna write in it every night, so i guess i’m starting with Day 1 tonight.. ): ugh, this is horrible. But i am so fucking proud of him. I love you Sergio, make us all proud (:
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    ugh, i miss him):
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    This seriously about made me cry.
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