My love story :)

so this boy…. :) was part of my friend group, and i started really liking him,and me and him started getting really close, hanging out and i knew he was going to be leaving for marine boot camp in December  so i thought okay we have a few more months to get to know each other and everything, but one night (in late September , we were at my friends house for a bonfire, and he asked if he could talk to me, and i said yes, so we took a walk down the road, and we laid down on the grass, and he was like i have to tell you something.. and i was like okay.. and he said, you know how i’m suppose to be leaving in December . and i said yes.. and he said well they moved up my leaving date to October 15th.. and my heart sank i started crying, because i knew it was too soon and i didn’t want him to leave, he sat there holding me while i was crying, and he was telling me that it’s actually better than leaving in December because then he’ll come back for good before this summer, (if he left in December he wouldn’t come back till august) so anyways, his last night, i spent the night over at his house and it was amazing, lots of tears, and laughs, and cuddles. We stared into each other eyes all night long, until we finally fell asleep, and then the next day was the day he had to leave, so i went with him and his family, and we had to drop him off at this place where he had to be to be driven to the hotel (he had to drive with his Sargent , and then we met him at the hotel, (around 8 pm  and it was our last few hours with him, so we all hung out in the hotel lobby, we wouldn’t leave each others sides, i sat on his lap while he was holding me. and then around 10, we had to start saying goodbye.. (hardest thing ever) he started saying goodbye to his family and brothers and sister, it killed me to see him hug his mom goodbye while she had tears down her face… and then they said we’ll give you two some time, then they left the room and went to wait in the car. He walked over to me, took my hand and he took me outside in this courtyard thing, and he wrapped his arms around me and we both sat there crying.. i’ll never forget what he said, “when i want to give up, when i think i can’t, when i think there’s no way.. i’m going to remember whose waiting for me, and i’m going to push on, just by the thought of your face..” hearing that was just unbelievable. we probably stayed outside for about a half an hour, and then it started getting late,(i had school the next day) so he walked me back to the car and said goodbye again to his family he then picked me up in a baby cradle position and kissed me one last time, and set me down in the car. and said i love you and i’ll be talking to you soon.. and i said i love you too, (with tears pouring from my eyes) and then he walked away.. i can still imagine it perfectly. and the drive home was silent filled with tears. When i got back to my house i had this idea to write to him in a notebook every night, kind of like a diary, and give it to him when he got back, so that night, i started with day 1 i wrote about 7 pages, (i didn’t sleep at all that night, school was hell for me the next day) so a couple weeks went by and i knew i would be getting a letter soon. One day, my dad picked me up from school and i told him to check the mail before we pulled into my driveway, and  when he got back in the car he was going through the mail, and said hmm.. i wonder who this is from, and it was a letter with my name on it, and i froze and got so happy,right when i walked inside my house, i sprinted up to my room, opened the letter, and just started crying of happiness, i loved it so much. i wrote back right away,5 pages front and back really small writing hahaha. I ended up getting 8 letters total, about 2 or 3  letters a month. And i’m keeping them forever (: i have them in a box i keep besides my bed. He was at boot camp for 13 weeks. He graduated boot camp in South Carolina, Parris Island on Friday, January 11th around 9:00 am, his whole family went down there to see him, His mom texted me saying id be getting  phone call when he had time. I was in school that day, and i had my phone on high all day long in case he called me, well, in my second hour around 10:20am, he called and i was just staring at my phone, going “oh my god oh my god oh my god” and i answered and said ..hello (nervous sounding) and it was his mom, and she said, “hi maria, i have someone here that wants to talk to you!” and i was like oh my god okay. My heart was beating so bad, i had the biggest butterflies in my stomach, and the first thing he says, what I’ve been DYING to hear for 3 months, “hey beautiful” and i just started crying, i didn’t know what to say, i was speechless, then finally i was like oh my god.. hi, and he was like how are you? and i was like well how do you explain the best feeling ever?! and he laughed, but the bell was going to ring in a minute, so i told him i would call him at lunch and he said yea that would be better, because he couldn’t talk that long, (oh yea, everyone was looking at me like i was crazy because im on the phone crying in the back of the classroom hahaha) and so i had to go to my 4th hour, still crying of happiness, then finally lunch came and i called him right away, and we had a normal long conversation, just catching up, he said he wouldn’t be home till saturday (the next day) evening. so we talked for a little bit longer, then i had to go, and he said he’ll text me (from his mom’s phone because he didn’t have his phone at boot camp obviously) on his way home (16 hour drive home, they drove all day and night) so he got home on January 12th. 4:16 pm i get a text saying i’m home (: so i run to the car as fast as i can, and drive to his house (about 8 minutes away) i pull in and see him for the first time in his green uniform talking to some of his other friends, he see’s me, and i park, i get out of the car, and before i know it he is sprinting up to me, (this is kind of funny) he runs into me so hard that it literally knocked the wind out of me (i think he forgot how much stronger he is), so i’m sitting there hugging him, and i couldn’t breathe!! i was gasping for air lmao, and then we didn’t let go for like 10 minutes, he grabbed my face and kissed me so many times and said those are for all the nights i couldn’t kiss you goodnight, and i was already in tears, and in that moment i was the happiest girl in the world i couldn’t believe it, i kept telling him to pinch me or hit me because i thought i was dreaming, because i dreamed about that so many times. and finally it came true, after about 20 minutes of standing outside in the cold, he said lets go inside because he needed to unpack everything. I spend the night over there that night. In the morning, he woke me up by kissing me, and he said, you have no idea how amazing it was waking up to a gorgeous face like yours instead of being screamed at, at 4 in the morning by Sargents. (: hahaha. So the next day, we spend all day together. He was only suppose to be here for 10 days, then he has to leave again for North Carolina for 4 months. BUT!! last week he got an extra 7 days to do this thing called recruiting assistance, and he has to go to high schools and promote marine stuff, (he came to my high school, and i got to show off my marine to all the jelouse girls (; hhahaha ) He was suppose to leave this Monday  but yesterday he called and told me he found out some amazing news, but he’s gonna wait to tell me in person (i was so mad! i wanted to know right that second!!) so when i finally saw him he said he found out he gets to stay ANOTHER weeek!!(: maybe even longer!! ahh im so fucking happy. but, he does eventually have to leave again ): which is going to be really hard, and it’s gonna be longer than when he had to leave for boot camp, probably about 5 months, but we’re gonna make it through this (: he gets to have phone calls on sunday, so i’ll actually be able to hear his voice this time (: god damn, i am just so proud of him!! :) …. anyways, this is getting sosos long, i’m surprised you’re still reading. Well, to wrap this up. He is such an amazing guy, and everything i could ever ask for and more, he treats me like a princess, and i love him so muchh (: thanks for reading <33 (pictures of us, are on my blog) we’re cute <33 


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